Gymnastics is a fun way to develop the fundamental motor skills required to progress into other forms of physical activity. 

Play. Jump. Swing. Twist! The programs at BALC Gymnastics cater for a range of ages, with levels suitable for toddlers through to adults.  Our programs and qualified coaches strive to bring out the best in each child by fostering teamwork, building self-confidence and improving coordination. 


BALC Preschool Play

Allowing children to learn about the world around them, Preschool Play encourages babies and toddlers to explore their surroundings, developing physical and cognitive skills, learning social cues along the way. 

BALANCE PLAY: Suitable for toddlers through to five years, Balance Play assists in developing fundamental motor skills and self-confidence within a social environment.  A Balance Play Healthy Kids membership is available at $18.40 per fortnight on direct debit or $10.90 per week on upfront term payments.  Classes run for 45 minutes.


BALC Gymnastics - Recreational Programs

BALC Gymnastics provides an encouraging and supportive environment to assist in the development of active children throughout a variety of different levels.  Available on a Healthy Kids membership, the recreational program provides boys and girls aged 4 years through to adult stages the opportunity to improve skills fundamental to their development, specific to gymnastics and in other forms of physical activity and sport.

BALC is working with other gymnastics clubs in Ballarat with a goal to increase participation and awareness of the sport, and in providing pathways for gymnasts who wish to pursue a more competitive level of gymnastics.

ROLL:  An introductory class teaching the basic gymnastics skills suitable for ages 4 years to 6 years.  

JUMP:  Developing the basic skills into performing the core skills of gymnastics, including apparatus.  Jump is suitable for ages 6 years to 9 years. 

 SWING:  Developing technique, strength and flexibility in performance of skills.  Suitable for ages 8 years to 12 years. 

FLIP:  Mastering the basics and beginning to work on more complicated skills in a social environment, suitable for ages 12 years to 16 years.  

TWIST:  For competent participants with a goal to progress to Gymstar Programs. Continuing to develop strength and flexibility, Twist is suitable for gymnasts up to the age of 16 years. 

ALL ACCESS PROGRAM:  An inclusive class provided the opportunity for those with special needs to learn a range of gymnastics skills.  This class also assists those preparing to enter the recreational program.   


ADULT GYMNASTICS:  Increase your flexibility and core strength with a weekly gymnastics class!  A great fitness alternative for adults, an intermediate coach adapts a personal program to help reach the goals of the individual.  Suitable for ages 16 years and over.  Cost: $16.60 per casual class, concession available. 

SCHOOLS PROGRAM:  Suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary aged students our Launch Pad approved program is designed to instruct the fundamental body movement through simple gymnastics principles.  The program is delivered via one hour weekly sessions.


BALC Gymnastics - Gymstar Competitive Program.

BALC Gymnastics offers the Gymstar Competitive Program whereby gymnasts and families focus on skill development in a fun, low pressure, supportive environment.  Although minimal commitment is required, it is essential that gymnasts participate in several recreational competitions throughout the year.  The competitions allow gymnasts the opportunity to perform to their best ability, with the main objective being execution of skills rather than degree of difficulty.


For further information on our BALC Preschool Play and BALC Gymnastics programs please contact the BALC Gymnastics Leadership Team on


2017 Term Dates

 TERM 1 

Monday 1st February - Saturday 1 April

Public Holidays: Labour Day - Monday 13 March


Tuesday 18 April - Saturday 1 July

Public Holidays:  Anzac Day - Tuesday 25 April
Queen's Birthday - Monday 12 June 



Monday 17 July - Saturday 23 September



Monday 9 October - Saturday 16 December

Public Holidays:  Ballarat Show Day - Friday 10 November



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